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 Past Shows:

Rick Storey


The work of Southbury artist Rick Storey

will be on display at 550 Gallery in Bethlehem, CT

                                                                      May 19, 2013 through June 1, 2013.

Storey’s paintings have been accepted into several juried shows,

and his acrylic on canvas work has won awards

including First Prize at the

Oxford Cultural Arts Commission Art Showcase in the fall of 2012.

 Come meet the artist and experience a variety of his paintings at

an opening reception at the gallery on

Sunday, May 19 from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

For details:  Rick Storey Art on Facebook    203.560.4750


Gallery Hours for this show are:

Opening Reception on Sunday May 19th from 3:00- 6:00

12:00-5:00 Monday through Friday

1:00-5:00 Saturday and Sunday

The show closes on Saturday June 1, 2013.


Rick Storey Biography

Rick Storey was born in White Plains, NY in 1969, grew up in Ardsley, NY and now resides with his wife and ten year-old daughter in Southbury, CT. A self-taught artist, art has consistently had a profound influence in all aspects of his life.  Rick has always used his artistic creativity in some way or another—while drawing portraits, studying architecture, painting, as well as interior and landscape design.

Rick has recently discovered the amazing and maddening world of abstract art.  When painting, Rick puts his entire sense of being on the canvas.  His heart, mind and consciousness make up each individual piece of artwork.  Rick’s goal is that his audience sees something in his work that they have never seen before.   What he sees is not what everyone else sees.  As it should be.  Rick doesn’t want you to see his vision—he wants you to see YOUR vision.  You are encouraged to take it in and make it your own.  In the past 12 months, his paintings have been accepted into several juried shows and most recently won first prize in the Oxford Cultural Arts Commission Showcase last fall.

Rick relishes this process that drives him crazy and yet makes him sane.  He has found his passion in abstract acrylic art, as it pushes him to clear his mind and start fresh with each new blank canvas.  Ultimately, Rick’s desire is that as you walk by his paintings, one might strike you and evoke questions, thoughts, and emotions within yourself that may bring clarity and peace to your life as it has done for his.


Past Shows:
Ray White: Paintings

White’s Biography

As a direct descendant of the founder of the State of Connecticut and the son of a teacher and a photographer, Ray White, was  immersed  in art and history from an early age. By the time he was eight years old, he was already taking art lessons with renowned , award winning artist Lois Hamel. He subsequently continued private lessons with his uncle, Jack White which further developed his artistic skills.
After completing high school, Ray’s education at Northwestern Technical College was interrupted when he enlisted in the United States Air Force during the Vietnam Conflict. While in the  Air Force, Ray became an “after hours” artist which led to his position as a combat illustrator for the ” Gunfighter Gazette”. This led to him being featured in an article about his Air Force combat illustrations in the “Seventh Air Force News”. Part of Ray’s duties with the ” Gunfighter Gazette” included becoming an escort and censor for CBS Evening News correspondent Ed Rabel and cameraman Mike Marriott.
Upon returning back to the United States, Ray completed his tour by engaging in one of his favorite past times Moto Cross racing. Sponsored by the Air Force, Ray competed throughout the country. Eventually,being stationed in England  led to his becoming the only American to represent Great Britain in this sport.
In the late 1980’s Ray contributed his first illustrations to the United States Air Force art collection. In subsequent decades, his works have consistently been accepted into this prestigious collection. To date, Ray has 12 works of art in the United States Air Force Air and Space Collection including “Triple Nickel”, “Max Effort”, “Safe Landing” and his latest work “The Last Mission” As one of only 150 eminent artists accepted into this program, Ray’s work can been seen on the Pentagon’s website

“Unique By Nature”
Born in Brooklyn, NY, Michael Kern, a
self-taught artist, has spent most of his life directly
connected to nature.Part of his childhood was spent at Brooklea Farm in Westchester, CT where he
developed his keen observational skills by caring for animals and spending
hours in the woods.  Mr. Kern’s farming career has spanned three states including NY, CT, and CO; and he has raised a family along the way.”Unique By Nature”, his collection of one-of-a kind bowls, although functional leans more toward works of art.  Mr. Kern will explore areas, discovering pieces of raw wood whose shape appeal to his artistic sense.  Bowl structures are largely influenced by unusual tree growth and unpredictable forces of nature. Each bowl is unique in form and texture. The involved process of hand carving each fine layer of the interior and exterior reveal beautiful imperfections.  The bowls are carved almost entirely by hand in order to preserve the subtlest details in grain and color.  Mr. Kern presently resides in Oakville, CT.

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