Sarah Segovia

Sarah’s Artist Statement

I began exploring the stained glass medium in 1994 and developed a fascination with this ancient art that has remained with me to this day. My formal art training began a year later when I went on to study abstract painting. I experimented with colors and textures of paint on canvas. Not satisfied with this medium, I spent a year abroad in London, England. I concentrated further in stained glass, mosaics, kiln work, and leading. After graduating with a BFA in painting, I devoted my time completely to stained glass. I have always been intrigued by the colors and textures of glass–the incandescent glow and glamorous light it casts. In the past few years, I mainly have created specialty stained glass giftware and custom panel work. I especially enjoy custom work because it gives me the opportunity to work with various individuals to help bring their vision to reality and at the same time to create a one-of-a-kind work of art. My work reflects my passion to create fragile beauty, intricate patterns, and unique designs. ~ Sarah Segovia

Sarah’s website can be found here.

Sarah also has an Etsy store here.

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