Pop Up Shop – July 2019

Arielle Matthews Shore is visiting Connecticut from Hawaii with her husband and daughter. Using natural materials, Arielle carefully creates bespoke fabric ware and jewelry. Fabrics are created with silk and natural botanicals to add color. Eco Printing is a handcrafted process that yields subtle and unique results.

Jenna Gonzalez loves to play with different materials and is unafraid of trying anything to see what happens. Don’t sit too long or you might find that you have been painted into her latest installation. Like her work, Jenna wears many hats here at the 550 Gallery and Studios. Come see some of Jenna’s work for sale during the Pop Up Shop on July 12, 2019

Masque Family Theater, Peach Orchard Inc. and the 550 Gallery will be celebrating and or reinventing the relevance and lifeblood of an artist. For more than three decades, mask maker/performance artist, teacher and scholar, Larry Hunt and his family surrounded themselves with a cavalcade of characters ranging from comical to cynical. Family audiences delight in the clever, quick vignettes that can keep a youngster’s attention while challenging the imagination of the adults. Thousands of schoolchildren across the country revel in the lively, interactive assembly programs, mask making opportunities and improvisation workshops that follow.

Our Trunk Show is one day only, Friday July 12, 2019 from 6:30 – 9:30

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