Glass Fusion


Fused Glass, (sometimes called Kiln Formed Glass) is a general term for glass that has been ‘warm worked’ – worked hot enough to soften and combine several layers in to one but not hot enough to be blown. At its most simple a glass fuse is where a number of layers of cold, cut glass are stacked and then heated in a kiln to a temperature where the layers ‘fuse’ together to make one piece. Various ‘top’ temperatures achieve different results. A full fuse, where the glass becomes very soft before being cooled, results in a piece where the edges are fully rounded and there is no sign that the glass has ever been more than one piece. A slightly lower temperature will cause the glass to stick or ‘tack’ together – called a tack fuse and here you can usually see the individual layers. A slightly lower temperature still, will cause the glass to soften enough to bend or ‘slump’ and is useful for adding shape to a piece – this process is often used to make bowls.


We offer on-going classes in glass fusion… for groups or individuals.  We also offer “Blast Classes”, which are one or two night events where you and a group of friends can choose your project and come work together on fused glass.  Call us for more info… you are guaranteed to have a blast!


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Please see the classes section to learn about upcoming glass classes.

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