Drawing Class with Mat Gonzalez

Drawing. We draw for so many reasons. We create drawings to record history. From very on in our evolution humans used drawings on caves ( and probably other places that did not stand the test of 200,000 years.) We draw to capture and understand the world around us and how different things relate to one another. We draw to study things. We draw simply for the pleasure of creating new things. We create drawings to map our places and how to get from here to there. We create drawings to plan ahead when we are creating new things like buildings or even things as small as tiny microchips. We draw to create…Art.

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Drawings can be simple like a child’s early stick figures. Even though they are simple, we know they are communicating the idea of people. Those early drawings are simple because a child just lacks some vocabulary. Many of us think that. “I can’t draw.” The truth is, of course we can. We just need to learn a little more vocabulary. ( no, there will be no vocab tests!) Many artists continually draw to sharpen not only their skills of creating a likeness but also refining the skill to see. While drawing we have the opportunity to really observe edges, values and shapes.

Join us for some fun drawing. You will probably surprise yourself discovering that you can draw, better than you think.

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