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Drawing with Mat Gonzales

Drawing Classes

Unravel the mysteries and techniques of drawing. This series of classes will cover basic and advanced principles of drawing, so whether you are a practiced artist looking to refine your skills, or a beginner looking to draw the perfect stick figure, this class will help everyone move forward with fun, unique and challenging exercises and projects.

Whether it’s the world around us, our personal lives, or what we see in our imaginations, we are all unique and have our own way communicating our experience through drawing. Each session will focus on practical drawing approaches and techniques that artists can use to broaden their skill sets. Areas we will cover are: training the eyes to see proportions, visual exercises, drawing from memory, seeing underlying 3D forms, light and shadow, and composition. As the class progresses, we will delve into these categories in more detail. Perspective and draw through techniques will round things out for a series of inspiring final projects involving design and conceptual illustration; real world applications of what we have learned.

Wednesdays 6pm

$15.00 per session or $50 for all 4 weeks

You will need:

1) A drawing pad, no smaller than 14” x 17”. This can be normal drawing paper with a slight texture depending on preference. The paper should be durable enough to withstand repeated erasing.

*** (For design work, I often use pencil on magic marker paper as it’s very durable and can withstand a lot of erasing. It is white paper, but also semi-transparent so it can be used to overlay sketches)

2) Pencils, etc: A hard lead pencil such as a 2H for preliminary sketching, an HB for line work, and a 2B for shading is suggested. Charcoal, ebony or graphite pencils can also be used for shading and bold line work.

*** ( Pentel mechanical pencils 7mm and 9mm work great for detail line work, and have good erasers. I have used HB & 2B lead refills in the past) 

3) Erasers: A soft eraser such as a Magic Rub, Kneaded or gum are suggested.

4) Patience and an open mind: We will supply as needed!

5) Optional: Any drawing materials you are comfortable using. We will be working on flat tables. If you need an angled board, you will need to bring it with you. We will also do our best to accommodate you with what we have in the studio.

An opportunity to throw!

The 550 is offering a wonderful opportunity to learn basic pottery, at a great price in the new year. Sabrina is offering a beginners 6 week class, for both adults and children.

The instructor will demonstrate centering, pulling up walls, trimming and glazing, among other rudimentary skills of throwing. The basic goal of this class is to educate each student on the ceramic process and work on improving their skills and techniques.

Class sizes are small (6 students max) meaning that each student will get plenty of one on one assistance with the instructor. 

Registration and payment deadline: Jan 11th 

Credit card payments accepted

Cash/check payments accepted hand delivered to The 550 12-5pm Mon-Sat

Adult Intro 6 weeks $200.00

Thursday’s Jan 16- Feb 27 (no class Feb 20th) 

6pm – 8:30

Saturday’s Jan 18- Feb 29 (no class Feb 22nd) 

4pm- 6:30

Youth Intro (ages 12+) 6 weeks $175

Saturday Jan 18- Feb 29 (no class Feb 22nd) 


Additional info about classes:

Open Studio Time 

The 550 Gallery and Studios will offer an Open Studio time during the 7 weeks of classes for all students to come in and work in the ceramic studio. Please note- this time is not class time and therefore, an instructor will not be available to assist you with your work. Please take advantage of your time with the instructor and save any questions or concerns for class time.

Open Studio hours :

Tuesday’s 12-5

Sunday’s 12-5

Clay and Glaze

Included in the class is one complimentary 25 pound bag of white stoneware.

Each additional bag of clay is $30 each, and covers the cost of glazing and firing the work.


Please come to class with the following:

Comfortable clothes that you can bend in.

Short nails (fake/long nails do NOT like clay)

No rings please. They get stuck (or lost) in clay.

A basic pottery tool kit.

There may be kits available to purchase in the studio.

Special offer Friday night stained glass ornament

That means you can participate in Sarah Segovias basic stained glass class for only $20!  

Learn the basics of cutting, grinding and soldering with Sarah and walk away with an angel ornament. 

Get a seat. This special intro class will fill fast!

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