Mary Troiano

   Artist’s  Statement

My goal is to make affordable, functional pottery that is ascetically pleasing and can be enjoyed in daily use. It gives me great pleasure to know that my pots are being used in households across the United States and in parts of Europe.

I began pottery over 30 years ago under the guidance of Hannah Eve Maublanc, a French artist living in Bethlehem.  After a ten year hiatus, I started again with Ginger Nelson at the Washington Art Association who not only taught me to make pots but to not waste clay. I went on to Wesleyan and learned to take my time and not to rush. Kristen Muller, at the Brookfield Craft Center taught me that there doesn’t really need to be a right way in making pots… your way is your way and its okay. Along the way I have attended many seminars but most appreciated the philosophy of Warren Mackenzie a well-known and respected potter, who taught about the value of the “everyday pot.”

The dictionary has as a definition of potter, “formation, to push”. My relationship with clay has been and continues to be an on-going process of being formed and pushed.  I am very grateful for all my past teachers and those teachers yet to come who have been and will be a part of my process of formation in clay.

my pot

Mary Troiano

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