Krista Marti Matthews



As the daughter of a master cabinet maker (father) and a fine artist (mother), Krista has been involved in the arts throughout her entire life. She learned at an early age to be creative and passionate about learning new techniques and art mediums. She helped manage her parent’s business, 550 Gallery and Studios in Bethlehem, CT. After years of working with and teaching pastels, pottery, fused glass, and encaustics, she became a Certified Zentangle Teacher in April 2017. This training sparked a deep passion for sharing the therapeutic aspects of art with her students.  The deliberate pen strokes and the concept of “Anything is Possible One Stoke at a Time” are fundamental to the Zentangle Method and allow the students to doodle and tangle toward a meditative state of being which is both relaxing and empowering. Krista lives in Middlebury, CT where she raised her family and currently works as a beekeeper and an ardent supporter of the arts. She teaches Zentangle at the 550 Gallery and Studios in Bethlehem, CT. 

Zentangle Krista Marti Matthews
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