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Empty Bowls – Sat. Sep. 23, 2017


It’s that time of year again. Time to do something fun while helping those in need in our area. Coordinating all the people and organizations is a lot of work. While local potters at the 550 Gallery are hard at work turning, glazing and firing each beautiful bowl, church groups, town agencies,  and restaurants are hard at work planning and executing tasks from outreach to making soup! ( even the fire department helped last year to provide lighting) It helps a lot to have a better idea of the turnout. Questions like: how many bowls to make, how large a facility do we need, how much soup should the restaurants make? You can help by registering early. Along with this message is a pdf registration form that you can send in with your early registration check while enjoying a discounted rate on your tickets.

Download for viewing and printing. 


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