The 550 Gallery was established in 1998 as a venue to display and promote the work of local artists.  We continue to host art shows throughout the year highlighting various local artists.
The classroom studio space has evolved over the years from life drawing classes and painting lessons to the recent addition of  a pottery studio and a glass fusion studio. The pottery  area is equipped with 5 wheels, a pug mill, a slab roller, an extruder and a huge variety of molds and tooling equipment. The glass studio has cutting systems, grinders, and several kilns.
We are always interested in meeting new artists (or people who would like to become artists!).  Please feel free to contact us if you have artwork that you’d like to show in our beautiful gallery space.  If you are interested in learning new skills, or improving upon your existing talents, please consider joining one of our classes/workshops. We are currently adding drawing and pastel classes as well as working with local glass fusion artisans to hold classes in that medium.
We are also always interested in meeting artists who would like to teach their mediums. Please contact us if you are interested in teaching in any of our studios!

            Dick & Carol Marti, Co-owners of the 550 Gallery


 Customer Testimonials:


“I am always so excited to visit the Gallery.  There are so many interesting pieces of art.  I can spend the better part of an afternoon searching for my newest treasure.  My friends love to join me and we can always find something in our price range. I just picked up a great piece of pottery as a “one of a kind” wedding present and I have my eye on the most artistically unique clock that I have ever seen!~Lisa Crick, Middlebury, CT


 “I just went ‘shopping’at the Gallery for a few new pieces of art to lift my spirits after a dull and rainy summer.  I love how a new painting or a bright piece of pottery can change the whole look of a room.  It is so exciting.  I love to show off my new purchases.”



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